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K South is the go-to destination for all your landscape supply needs. Whether you're a professional landscaper or a DIY gardener, our extensive range of high-quality materials will help turn your outdoor space into a masterpiece.

K South are the North Otago agents for Intelligro's range of landscaping supplies. While the most popular products are stocked in our depot we can source and arrange delivery of any landscaping product sold by Intelligro from their Christchurch base.

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Here's a quick overview of what we offer:

Self-pickup or Delivery

K South delivers, but if you prefer, hookup the trailer and pick it up yourself from our depot.

Loader Fleet

If your site requires clearing, preparation, or assistance with material relocation, K South's fleet of compact loaders is ideally suited for working in tight spaces. Our versatile equipment, featuring a range of buckets, claws, grabs, and forks, allows us to handle a wide variety of tasks with ease.

Open Mon-Fri, 7am - 6pm

Our depot is open weekdays from 7am through to 6pm in the evening.

EFTPOS payment facilities are available on site.

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